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Payment cards

Payment cards

Information about payment cards accepted ABC stations

The ABC chain accepts the most common payment cards.

The following payment methods are accepted at the cashier at ABC service station stores:

  • S-Bank cards
  • Cash
  • The most common bank and credit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Eurocard, Maestro, American Express)
  • S Group's corporate card S-Business

The following payment methods are accepted at payment terminals at ABC service station stores:

  • All the above payment cards are accepted at ABC unmanned stations.
  • All payment cards will make an advance authorisation hold on the account with a desired sum. At the automatic fuel dispenser, a sum desired as the authorisation hold is selected on the display and verification is performed on this sum. However, the final charge for the refuelling will always be made according to the actual amount of fuel.
  • Foreign credit cards with magnetic stripes and without a chip are not accepted at the automatic fuel dispensers.

Authorisation hold

The use of payment cards requires that all transactions are verified in advance. This means that customers select in advance a sum total with which they intend to refuel and the system will make a corresponding authorisation hold. When the actual refuelling sum is lower than the sum verified, the dispenser will rectify the verification immediately after refuelling is completed. Only the authorisation for the sum you actually used for refuelling will remain on your account and it will be charged within a few days.

How is advance verification or authorisation hold made on automatic fuel dispensers with chip card functionality? 

Because the payment is made before refuelling at the automatic fuel dispenser, an authorisation hold sum is asked at the initial stage of refuelling. This means that the estimated sum total of the transaction in euros is reserved on your account. The following verifications are used at automatic fuel dispensers for credit and debit cards:

  • The automatic fuel dispenser's display suggests an authorisation hold amount, for example, EUR 5, EUR 10, EUR 20, EUR 60, EUR 90, EUR 120 or EUR 200 from which you can select a suitable sum total.
  • You may also select “Muu summa (Other amount)” and enter the authorisation hold you want.
  • If you want to top up the whole tank, it is recommended that you enter an authorisation hold of, for example, EUR 90 or EUR 120.
  • After refuelling, the system will notify your bank of the actual refuelling amount and return any excess authorisation hold to your account.

No additional authorisation hold will remain in your account and the selected advance amount does not have to be spent in its entirety.

For example, if you make a EUR 60 authorisation hold and refuel only with EUR 55, EUR 5 of the authorisation hold will be cancelled. The actual refuelling amount will be charged from your account in approximately two banking days. In this example, it would be EUR 55.

If for some reason the authorisation hold amount you selected has not been automatically removed from your card, please contact the ABC station.

You can get rebate on fuel purchases. Bonus as well as rebate on fuel purchases are not granted when paying with an S-Business card or purchases made for companies. Portion paid with meal benefit does not accrue Bonus.

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S-Card – S Group hotels' customer loyalty card for business travellers

S-Card meal benefit can be used for paying products at ABC service station store restaurants. S-points are not accepted as payment and, correspondingly, purchases do not accrue S-points.

Read more about the S-Card and its benefits.

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