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Meeting services

Meeting services

Organise your meeting at ABC!

Our service range is complemented by modern meeting facilities, which are available in over half of our ABC service station stores. We have meeting facilities for organising smaller or larger meetings, product presentations or, for example, celebrations.

ABC is easy to reach and there is plentiful free parking for the meeting guests on the courtyard of the service station store. The varied and delicious restaurant range at our ABC service station store will ensure that the meeting guests stay alert all day!

Use the attached invitation to tender form to ask for a quotation for a meeting at the ABC service station store of your choice. The size, equipment and table shape of the meeting facility may vary according to outlet. Please note that the invitation to tender is not automatically a reservation. A separate confirmation will always be sent by email to the address you provided in the invitation to tender form.

Full-day meeting package with catering, starting from €20 per person (at least 10 persons).
Meeting package with coffee, starting from €6 per person (at most 3 hours, at least 10 persons). Check station-specific prices by sending a request for offer.

Welcome to spend a refreshing meeting day at ABC!

Invitation to tender for use of a meeting facility

If the start date is in the same week, please call the unit in question.

Tietosuojaseloste varaukset ja tarjouspyynnöt
Karl Fazer crunchy black edition suklaapatukka Wienermunkki ja & kahvi S-Etukortilla 4,90 € (norm. 5,90 €) Kalkkuna-juustosämpylä 4,90 € Hot dog Salsiccia & 0,4l hanajuoma 5,90 € (norm. 8,50 €) Jättikerroshampurilainen 9,70 € (ateriana 12,90 €) Fazer pienet patukat 2 € 4 kpl Mynthon pastillit 2 € 2 kpl Taffel suolapähkinät 4 € 2 kpl Teho Sport palautusjuomat 3,50 € 2 kpl Wunderbaum ilmanraikastimet 3 € 2 kpl