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Economical driving style

Economical driving style

We favour an economical driving style

In addition to the car's characteristics, fuel consumption is significantly affected by your own driving style and, for example, tyre pressure. You should check it at least once a month and always when the weather gets colder.

Companies selling transport fuel encourage motorists to energy efficiency and economical way of driving. Car selection and economical way of driving are decisive in decreasing transport emissions and saving in fuel costs. There are easy tips to increase energy efficiency in driving, in other words saving fuel, while simultaneously decreasing carbon dioxide emissions. Economical driving style is also safer.

In a nutshell, the most important tips for driving economically are:

  • Follow the traffic and predict; drive flexibly
  • Drive at even speed at low engine speeds
  • Switch to a higher gear and drive using the highest possible tractive gear
  • Check the tyre pressure regularly at least once a month and always before and longer trip
  • Take into account the effect of accessories in fuel consumption and costs

More detailed information and instructions on driving economically is available, for example, on Motiva's website.

More information related to traffic and fuels is available at Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association's website. In addition, generally useful information related to motoring is available at Yhteishyvä magazine's website.

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