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ABC mobile

ABC-mobiili helpottaa autoilijan arkea

  • Lataa sähköautosi, ABC-lataus
  • Jokaisesta noutopöydästä -10%
  • Osta edulliset sarjapesut ja tarkista pesulinjan jonotilanne jonokamerasta
  • Tilaa ja maksa ruoat ennakkoon jonottamatta
  • Tankkaa auto käymättä automaatilla tai kassalla

Tämä kaikki ja paljon muuta. Lataa ABC-mobiili nyt:

ABC Mobiili


ABC-mobiili is a mobile app that provides a range of practical services: advance food orders and payment, mobile refuelling and car wash. The app is available for Android and iPhone mobile phones.

Purchases made using the app are charged to the debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard) registered with the service, or the S-Business card (refuelling and wash). Co-op members earn Bonus points for wash and meal purchases, and a Refuelling Bonus is also available after registration in the ABC-mobiili app, using your online banking or S-code credentials. Mobile refuelling is available at all ABC service stations. The availability of mobile car wash and advance food orders is continuously expanding and will cover most ABC outlets by the end of 2019.

Download the ABC-mobiili app free from your app store to enjoy the full range of services:


Food advance orders and payment

In response to customer wishes, ABC-mobiili now enables food advance orders and payment. You can order your meal in advance as you approach the restaurant, avoiding queues or waiting for your meal to be ready. Advance food orders are available at stations indicated by the Mobiilitilaus (Mobile order) icon.

This is how easy it is to order food in advance:

  1. In the station services menu, select Restaurant and start your mobile order.
  2. Add the meals you wish to order.
  3. Add the time you want your order to be ready and complete the mobile payment. A receipt of your purchase will be automatically generated in the app.


Mobile refuelling

The quickest and easiest mobile refuelling in the world is now available at all ABC service stations. You don’t need to be afraid of card skimming, as you no longer need to use your card. You can easily close the service if you lose your phone.

This is how easy mobile refuelling is:

  1. When you arrive at the station, the app automatically launches the dispenser selection display. Select the number of the dispenser you intend to use.
  2. Start refuelling. At this stage, you can also change the card to be used for payment or the sum to be charged if you wish.
  3. Pick up the nozzle and start refuelling. A receipt of your purchase will be automatically generated in the app.


Mobile wash

A car wash has never been this easy! Thanks to the easy ABC-mobiili payment, you can now complete the wash without stepping out of your car at all. The mobile car wash is available at stations indicated by the Mobiilipesu (Mobile wash) icon.

This is how easy a mobile wash is:

  1. Select the Wash function and then select the wash programme you wish to use.
  2. Pay for the wash when you reach the payment terminal and are the next in line to enter the car wash.
  3. When the car wash facility door opens, drive in and follow the instructions. A receipt of your purchase will be automatically generated in the app.


Answers to frequently asked questions:

Frequently asked questions about ABC-mobiili

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