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At ABC service station stores, we offer tasty home cooking at our buffet every day. It is a fast, easy and versatile solution.

Our buffet always includes two main course options and a vegetarian option that change daily. The price of the buffet includes the Seasonal Salad Bar with bread, and drinks options water, milk, home-brewed beer, and coffee, tea or hot chocolate for dessert. Children's (3 to 7-year-olds) and juniors' (8 to 12-year-olds) buffets include ice cream or ice lolly for dessert. Chlldren under 3 years eat for free at the buffet with a dining adult. The vegetables in our salad bar are always seasonal and chosen by consulting the Satokausikalenteri (Harvest Calendar). 

It is recommended that groups on 10 or more people inform our outlet of their arrival in advance, so that we can ensure the smooth running of your service.

Karl Fazer crunchy black edition suklaapatukka Wienermunkki ja & kahvi S-Etukortilla 4,90 € (norm. 5,90 €) Kalkkuna-juustosämpylä 4,90 € Hot dog Salsiccia & 0,4l hanajuoma 5,90 € (norm. 8,50 €) Jättikerroshampurilainen 9,70 € (ateriana 12,90 €) Fazer pienet patukat 2 € 4 kpl Mynthon pastillit 2 € 2 kpl Taffel suolapähkinät 4 € 2 kpl Teho Sport palautusjuomat 3,50 € 2 kpl Wunderbaum ilmanraikastimet 3 € 2 kpl