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S-Business is ABC chain’s business card

The ABC chain consists of more than 430 ABC service stations. Nearly 80 ABC CarWashes are located at ABC service stations and Prisma stores.

Benefits and discounts with S-Business

S-Business is S Group’s charge card for corporate customers. Starting to use the card is free of charge and no separate fees are charged for its use. You can get an average grace period of 30 days and discounts on purchases.

When you pay for your purchases with the S-Business Card, you do not need to retain any receipts. Your card invoice includes all purchases made during the previous month, and it can be used directly to deduct VAT. You can also choose to receive online invoices.

In the ABC chain, you can get an S-Business discount of 2.5–4 cents per litre on fuel, 5–20% on car washes and 15% on windscreen washer fluids. Discounts are determined daily on the basis of the volume of fuel purchased with your company’s all S-Business Cards during the past 30 days, and they are available at all ABC chain outlets, including unmanned ABC stations. Discounts on car washes and windscreen washer fluids are also based on the volume of fuel purchased. ABC restaurants offer a 2% discount on food, water and beverages. In addition, ABC markets offer a 2% discount.

Card solutions

You can also attach a limited purchase right to the S-Business Card. As a result, only limited products or services can be paid for with the card. The purchase right code will be printed on the card.

  • General card: S Group’s entire range of products and services
  • ABC1: Fuel, car equipment and car wash (unlimited company car benefit)
  • ABC2: Fuel
  • ABC3: Car equipment and car wash (limited company car benefit)
  • TERRA: Products and services from Kodin Terra

You can attach your S-Business Card to the ABC-mobile app, and easily pay for your fuel and car washes using your mobile phone.

The mobile app is a tool for S-Business cardholders for monitoring purchases and adding descriptions to purchase transactions (e.g. reasons for expenses) directly when making purchases.

With the reporting service, you can maintain your company’s customer relationship. You can, for example, easily place orders for additional cards and generate different reports on your company’s purchases.

Benefits for companies

S-Business is the key to S Group’s service range for Finnish companies and organisations. We make the everyday lives of our customers easier by offering a unique charge card which offers various benefits:

  • Fully free customer accounts, no invoicing surcharges or monthly fees
  • An average interest-free grace period of 30 days
  • Fully negotiated discounts at all S Group locations
  • No need to retain receipts
  • Access to S Group’s nationwide service range

Apply for a card

Apply for your company’s S-Business Cards here, and take a closer look at all the benefits the card has to offer.

I would like to hear more about services for companies

Would you like to hear more about the services ABC and S Group offer to companies? We are happy to help you. Complete the contact form below, and we will get back to you.

You can also send a contact request to
The S-Business customer service is happy to respond to all your questions:
Tel. +358 10 768 0820 (Mon–Fri from 8 am to 4 pm, 8.35 cents per call + 12.09 cents per minute).

Read more from and apply for a card!
S-Business Oy, a subsidiary of SOK, is responsible for S-Business operations.

The S-Business Card is accepted as a payment instrument at more than 1,600 S Group locations. In addition to the ABC chain, the card is accepted at all grocery and consumer goods outlets (Prisma, S-market, Sale, Alepa, Food Market Herkku, Sokos, Marks & Spencer, Emotion) in Finland, at Kodin Terra stores and at all Sokos Hotels and Radisson Blu hotels in Finland. The S-Business Card is also broadly accepted at S Group restaurants in Finland. S-Business is not accepted at D stations of S Group’s partners or at Hesburger restaurants located at ABC service stations.

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