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Answers to frequently asked questions about ABC

1. What causes the authorisation hold on my card after I have refuelled at an ABC unmanned station?

When purchasing fuel with a payment card, an advance verification of the transaction is required. You either have to enter or select a maximum sum for refuelling in the dispenser, which the dispenser will then verify. ABC will notify the bank of the actual refuelling amount immediately after refuelling is completed. The bank will return the difference between the sum verified beforehand and the actual refuelling amount to your account. As a result, your account will not have any large authorisation hold in effect until the actual purchase transaction is charged.

Unfortunately, sometimes errors occur and the rectification of the authorisation hold is not carried out. The authorisation hold will be automatically removed from your account within 4–21 days. If the additional authorisation hold causes problems, please contact the ABC station. Contact details are available on our website and at fuel dispensers.

2. Are payment cards issued abroad (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Eurocard, Diners Club, Maestro) valid on ABC unmanned stations?

Yes, they are. All the above-mentioned international cards with a chip are valid payment methods if the chip is able to verify the card PIN, i.e. offline PIN payment cards. Please note, however, that international credit cards with a magnetic stripe and online PIN payment cards are not valid payment methods at automatic fuel dispensers.

We also recommend that you check the authorisation hold practices of the card issuer related to automatic fuel dispensers before refuelling. There might be problems with cancelling authorisation holds from the account related to some card types, if the card issuer has a separate authorisation hold practice.

3. I did not get rebate on my fuel purchases at ABC station. What should I do?

You can contact the ABC station where the purchases were made or the regional cooperative running it, if you want to register the unregistered rebate retrospectively. In this case, it is useful if you can present a receipt of the transaction, which can be used for checking the accurate sum total, liters, place and time of transaction. Outside opening hours or at ABC unmanned station, you can always call the customer service number displayed on the dispenser, which will provide you with any assistance you might need.

4. What is the origin of ABC's fuel?

All fuel to all ABC stations is sourced through our own sourcing company North European Oil Trade Oy. At the moment, fuel sold by the ABC chain is sourced from around the Baltic Sea from the refineries owned Preem, Shell, Esso and St1. Our sourcing company ensures that the products meet the quality criteria set for them. See more detailed product descriptions and safety data sheets in the Product Information section. They provide extremely detailed information about the characteristics of fuel sold by us.

5. How can I order heating oil from ABC?

The sale of heating oil takes place through cooperatives and deliveries are handled by operating areas of cooperatives. In some cooperatives, the minimum delivery is 1,000 litres, please check this when ordering. The contact information of our cooperatives for enquires about prices, etc. is available at our website on the Order Heating Oil section.

6. What is the origin of the food in ABC's buffet?

Our professional ABC chefs and cooks prepare the food offered at ABC service station store buffets. Check the daily-changing buffet menu on our website on the Buffet section. Our station-specific pages include the special diet information on food offered (L, G, LL) However, check the content of the meals from our staff when ordering if you are following a special diet.

7. What is an ABC meal benefit card?

The meal benefit card is valid in all ABC service station stores and Lähi-ABC stores (neither in Hesburger nor Deli-stores). By collecting 10 stamps in the ABC meal benefit card, you will receive an EUR 11 discount on your next, the 11th, meal. You get a stamp for each normal-priced meal costing a minimum of EUR 9.40 and bonuses on top. However, overlapping discounts are not granted. More detailed terms and conditions related to the use of ABC meal benefit card are available on the card.

8. Are ABC service station stores open also on Sundays and public holidays?

ABC service station stores serve every day of the year including public holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, May Day, New Year's Day, etc. The ABC service station stores' supermarkets and restaurants serve always according to the opening hours of the service station store. Check the service station store specific opening hours from our website.

9. Where can I find the nearest ABC car wash facility?

ABC chain has almost 70 car washes around Finland. Car wash facilities are mainly located alongside ABC service station stores and unmanned stations as well as ABC Deli and Prisma outlets. You can check the location of your nearest car wash on the map on the front page of our website based on Car Wash service or in the Car Wash section.

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