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Smart Diesel

Smart Diesel


ABC Smart Diesel is a high quality diesel. It's suitable for all diesel engines and has many top qualities, such as more perfect combustion compared with the traditional diesel quality, which makes the immediate emissions of the engine lower.

Smart Diesel fuel not only keeps the engine clean but even actively cleans the engine to the level of a new engine. This improves engine performance and increases its durability.

Smart Diesel is suitable for all cars equipped with a diesel engine regardless of their age. The engines of new cars are capable of utilising the characteristics of the top quality diesel the best, but its cleaning capabilities are especially useful in older cars.

Smart Diesel is easy to recognise based on the markings on the fuel dispenser.

Below is Smart Diesel product specification and material safety data sheet as well FAQ about Smart Diesel.

Smart Diesel FAQ (in Finnish)

Product information Smart Diesel -20
Product information Smart Diesel -35
Product information winter -38

Material safety data sheet Smart Diesel

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