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Express charging of electric cars

Express charging of electric cars

Quick charging of electric cars at ABC

The maximum power of electronic car charging stations is 50kW. The majority have two DC express charging options. You can quickly charge vehicles complying with both CHAdeMO (e.g. Nissan, Mitsubishi) CCS (e.g. BMW, VW) standards.

Quick charging is safe. The charger and the car receiving the current verify the connection and the charge level between them before the current is turned on. The system is CE and TÛV-tested and marked to ensure safety.

Half an hour of quick charging, charges approximately 80 % of the charge capacity of electronic cars. At the current technology, this gives the car an operating range of approximately 100 km.

Up-to-date information about charging points in Finland is available at
Fortum Charge & Drive:

The following cars sold in the Finnish markets can be express-charged:

  • Nissan Leaf
  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV and PHEV Outlander
  • Peugeot i-ON
  • Citroen C-Zero
  • Fiat Doblo (2 test cars built by Metropolia)
  • ERA (1 sports car made by Metropolia)
  • Caetano electric bus 1
  • Tesla Model S (requires a CHAdeMO adapter)

Tesla Supercharger charging stations

There are Tesla Supercharger charging stations at ABC Pyhäjärvi, ABC Hirvaskangas, ABC Toijala and ABC Tammisilta Paimio. Supercharger charging stations are free of charge, which allow the charging of Model S in minutes instead of hours. Charging for half an hour at a Supercharger station, will give the electric car an additional 270 km of operating range. Each station has several Superchargers connectors.

At Tesla Supercharger stations, all Tesla Model S owners can charge their cars for free. However, charging is not quite as fast as conventional refuelling, since charging the batteries from empty to the recommended 80 % level takes about 40 minutes. With a full battery, Tesla promises an operating range of over 400 kilometres.

You can locate Tesla Supercharger stations at Tesla's website:

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